Talan hjá Netanyahu fyri FN almenna savnaðinum 29. september 2014: Ísrael hevur rætt til at verja seg

America is no longer the beacon of justice, neither the EU; now ISRAEL IS!

Glory is Israel’s future.
Desolation the west’s.
Heaven mine.
What’s yours?

Mr. Obummer is a two faced liar straight out of the bowels of hell!
A man who scoffs at the HOLY BIBLE, the only word of God, and praises that unholy Quran will NEVER be my man in any sence of the word.
And he is even a MUSLIM, and thereby an anti-christ and nothing else, like any other muslim in essence is.

And America chose him to rule over you.
He will be your and many other’s ruin.

Mr. Obummer even forbids the HOLY BIBLE among your army forces.
Would he forbid that unholy Quran from those who would use it?

If you ask me, he harbours in his dark heart to sell out your country into the hands of Islam.

And he is a scoffer of Christ and the Holy Bible, therefore he is an ANTI-CHRIST!!.

I guess you Americans knew that, didn’t you?

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