Viðmæltur lesnaður

  1. King James Holy Bible
    Pure Cambridge Edition, Standard Text, Large Print Text Edition
    Produkt nummar: ISBN 0 907861 59 8
    1500 síður

  2. New Age Versions
    An Exhaustive Documentation Exposing the Message, Men and Manuscripts Moving Mankind to the Antichrist’s One World Religion
    G.A. Riplinger
    700 síður

  3. In Awe of thy Word
    Understanding the King James Bible: It’s Mystery & History; Letter by Letter
    G.A. Riplinger
    1200 síður

  4. Hazardous Materials
    Greek & Hebrew Study Dangers: The Voice of Strangers
    G.A. Riplinger
    1203 síður

  5. The Language of the King James Bible
    Discover it’s Hidden Built-in Dictionary
    G.A. Riplinger
    173 síður

  6. The Revision Revised
    A Refutation of Westcott and Hort’s False Greek Text and Theory: A Defence of the Authorised Version
    Dean John William Burgon
    549 síður

  7. The Answer Book
    Samuel C. Gipp
    164 síður

  8. Forever Settled
    A Survey of the Documents and History of the Bible
    Dr. Jack Moorman
    309 síður

  9. Defending the King James Bible
    God’s words kept intact in English
    D.A. Waite
    327 síður

  10. In Defence of the Authenticity of I. John 5:7
    C.H. Pappas
    125 síður

  11. King James, His Bible, and it’s Translators
    Laurence M. Vance
    164 síður

  12. The Local Church
    Peter S. Ruckman
    148 síður

  13. The Two Babylons
    Proof the Roman Catholic beliefs came from pagan Babylonian religion
    Alexander Hislop
    330 síður

  14. 50 Years in the “Church” of Rome
    The Conversion of a Roman Catholic Priest
    Charles Chiniquy
    366 síður

  15. Fox’s Book of Martyrs
    The Acts and Monuments
    (Les eina gamla, ikki eina uppdateraða)
    John Fox

  16. Smokescreens
    Who is the Whore of Revelation: A Biblical and Historical Answer
    Jack T. Chick

  17. The Greatness of Oliver Cromwell
    Maurice Ashley

  18. The Secret History of the Jesuits
    Edmond Paris

  19. Babylon Religion
    How A Babylonian godess became the virgin Mary
    David W. Daniels

  20. Did the Catholic Church give us the Bible?
    The True History of God’s Words
    David W. Daniels

  21. History of the Waldenses
    J.A. Wylie
    Hartland Publications

  22. The Priest, the Woman, and the confessional
    Charles Chiniquy

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