Waldensiska Itala-Bíblian, týdd úr Grikskum ár 157 e.Chr., er varðveitt atskilt frá Grikska T.R. tekstinum, og besta prógv um, at T.R. er rætti teksturin, tí teir eru eins

We learn from Theodore Beza (1519-1605) and the scholars associated with him, including Waldensians, that the Waldensian churches of Northern Italy were formed about 120 AD, and the Old Latin Bible (Italic or Itala), which follows the Antiochian Received Text, was translated from the Greek not later than 157 AD. This Received Text was the bond between historic churches descended from the first apostolic church established by Jesus Christ in Israel. One reason the German, French and English Reformation leaders were convinced that the Greek Received Text (TR) was the genuine New Testament was because it matched the Text of Waldensian Bibles that had come down to them from the days of the apostles.

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