Viðmerking til ein, sum kallaði okkum King James Bíbliu trúgvandi fólk fyri kultistar

The real Bible is the Ben Chayyim 1525 Old Testament, and the Textus Receptus New Testament. The King James Bible is the ONLY BIBLE in English, which is soundly built on this proper foundation, or you might say, the last in a row of Bibles, being itself the final polishing of it. The “New King James” departs from this proper foundation in 1200 places in the New Testament alone, and follows then the critical text: therefore it is utterly unacceptable.

I believe and recommend only the King James Bible. The King James Bible is God’s word, perfectly in English, and I do not need to learn Hebrew or Greek, nor do I receive correction of it from either languages from some priest class of cholars trained at some jesuit-infiltrated seminary, which is virtually all of them today. God’s translators understood both these languages perfectly, when the work was done. They also fine-tuned the Bible by comparing with many ancient versions, such as the Old latin, the Gothic, the Itala, the Armenian, the Georgian, the Old Syrian, the Old Arabic, the Coptic, the Old Persian, the Old Indian etc etc. This was done in order that the Bible should stand on a broad foundation, not only on one edition of Hebrew or Greek, which would not be safe.

I am a classical reformation Christian, and do not belong to any cult. Those who would say that any bible will do (as most laodicæan christians do), and that they are all good, are ignorant men, and deceivers on top of that.

Again, I am a King James Bible Believer, and I am no cultist. Those who follow any alexandrian modern day critical text bible, they are cultists, and also those who use Kittel’s Biblia Hebraica Old Testament. It is corrupt garbage, perverted under Hitler’s regime by Joseph Kittel, an antisemite, and it is used widely in seminaries today. But God has preserved his word and his words, and they are perfectly given us in English in the Authorised Version, and I will use it forever. One authority, one Bible, the final fruit of the reformation, in the international language of the endtimes. It is the standard, and overrules any edition in ANY language. Good day.

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