The timing of the rapture is clear: after the first resurrection, and immediately upon Christs coming (which is ONE event)

The timing of the rapture is clear: First the first resurrection, then the rapture (see I. Thessalonians 4:13-18).

When is the first resurrection? (that certainly will help you pinpoint the rapture, since it will happen AFTER).

The book of Revelation tells us. In chapter 19 is JESUS’ actual return, and immediately in the beginning of chapter 20 and verse 5 you have the first resurrection. The rapture CANNOT happen before that, for, God CANNOT lie. The rapture WILL NOT happen before the first resurrection, and it happens UPON Christ’s actual return. No secret rapture. No two comings, only one.

Number 1: Jesus’ actual coming.
Number 2: The first resurrection.
Number 3: The rapture (our catching up and transformation into our glorified bodies; see. I. Cor. 15:52).

That Book: it’s just something else. It breaks even the proudest of us. And, yes, may it smash your OSAS heresy too.

No, I’m not an andersonite, and I’m no jesuite. And I love the Jews. I just know and love my Bible. And no, I’m not fighting you or anybody. I’m just stating the truth. But the truth threatens some people. I wonder why.

When and where will the marriage supper of the Lamb take place? Perhaps in the clouds, perhahs in Jerusalem.

We’ll see.

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