Takkarkvøða til brøður í Danmark og í USA, sum hava stuðlað Føroysku King James

Hi there, dear brethren!

I want to say that I’m very thankful to you all for having done your various parts in making the true Faroese scripture come to fruition.

Also, I’m looking very much forward to receiving the container with Gods word, with the grand sum of 15.561 copies of the second printing of the Faroese King James New Testament.

I have my document ready for showing the customs officers that I have a permit from the custom’s official for getting them free through customs. They graciously made an exception to the rule, since this is a gift all the way, both the printing, and also the distributing. Roughly every house in my country will receive a free copy of God’s pure and preserved words in their post box. That is more than I could ever have hoped for. Nevertheless, I’m sure that that is what God had in mind from eternity past.

I’ve got my soft-cushion sandal-shoes ready for running around this small island-country with all 15.561 copies of Christ’s New Testament this coming year. If my heart bursts, no worry, for I’ll have a new glorified one in store.

So, I send you all my deepest heart-felt gratitude for having stood by me thus far. The support I have here is still very small, but there are a handful of people who really see the need for God’s pure words to be published. Like Tyndale, I can say, that I have not altered one syllable of Gods holy word against my conscience, nor would do this day. Now they may burn me, if they wish.

The Faroe Islands have hitherto been a very conservatively Christian nation; but this year, 2012, marks the year when sodomy has invaded also our land. Both the mayor of our capital town of Tórshavn, and also our Prime Minister, have publicly spoken at so-called “gay-pride rallies”, and voiced their support for passing legislation for marrying sodomites in the state church. Most Christians are saying nothing. It is shocking. The media also is constantly bombarding our ears with pro-sodomy matter. This shift has happened very swiftly, and it is frightening. The last days before Jesus’ soon return are surely upon us.

Last week I stood for half an hour in the square in my home town of Runavik, and preached against sodomy from Romans chapter 1; using God’s full word, the Faroese King James. Many windows went up, ears were attentive, eyes were big, and faces pale, afterwards. I told them, from God’s word, that practising sodomites, and also those who support them, are already given up of God. And most people just talk of “love”, without having the faintest idea of what is happening.

Well, the world will stand at least a 1000 years still, for Christ’s glorious reign is still in store. I tell everyone that God’s word is finally coming to our country, and that Christ will only have them reading this one in the millennium. The other ones will be nothing counted of, and already are in my heart at least.

The third of March this year, I finished translating God’s Old Testament. So now I proofread about 10 pages every day, and have reached Ezra, having read the previous books twice through.

May God bless you all, in Jesus’ name.

Your friend and brother,

Onnur tíðindi