Spurningar frá polskum rithøvundi um kúvit19 og tíðina vit nú liva í

Hello Sjúrður,

how are you doing in these strange covid19-days? I hope you’re safe and healthy.

You know, this whole pandemic reminded me about the prophecies you mentioned about all the bad things happening in the world in the foreseeable future. I was wondering what you think about it now. What’s your attitude towards coronovirus?

I’d be happy to hear your opinion on that.

Have a nice week,

I think we do not have a pandemic at all, we have a plandemic.

The virus is definitely created in a lab, with the intention of the world elite to lock down the whole world, crash the world economy, and thereby get these three things into place: 1: A vaccination which they say makes you immune to covid19, but actually poisons you further and sterilizes 40% of the world population, and 2: Offer a new world digital economy, where you receive a mark into your right hand in order to buy or sell, and 3: Pave way for and establish a world government, with a world leader, who will be the last antichrist. The papacy will stop, and this world leader will be in place of the pope, who has been an antichrist the last 17 centuries. There will be put into place dictatorial laws, where if you resist the government, you will be sent to a rehabilitation camp, where you either comply, or they lay you on the guillotine. Millions will resist and die. Many will flee and live in poverty, and killing and robbing will be commonplace.

The Book of Revelation chapter 13, the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24, and II. Thessalonians chapter 2, show these things in detail.

You don’t believe me?
Watch this 13 minute clip, where these things come right out of the horse’s mouts, both in English and Russian:

Vaccine against “religious fundamentalism” and in order to produce “depopulation”.
How they will get it into people?
By the “FLUE”.

… Here’s a little extra for you:
Patriarchy is the blueprint default from our Creator God. Feminism is satanic. 50/50 will never work. I stick with the Bible, which says the husband is the head of the wife (Ephesians 5:23) and God says to Eve that Adam should “rule over thee” (Genesis 3:16), and even says that it is a shame when women rule over a country (Isaiah 3:12). Kill Gates and the luciferian elite can probably force vaccinate all people, even with use of soldiers and tanks (go figure!), but they can never stamp out the word of God, nor the truth therein. The (Bill) gates of hell shall not prevail against it, Jesus said, see Matthes 16:18. I stand with Christ, and defy the whole world system.

Spurningur 27. apríl:

Speaking of religion, there’s one thing I’d like to ask you about.
I’m in the process of writing my book, as you know. Right now, in the chapter about religion. While doing my research I came across this link
I only saw it recently, so I wasn’t able to ask you personally when we talked. I realize media show things the way they want to show it, so I wanted to learn about your version of the story. What happened with Anne Mette? Can you, please, tell me your point of view on that?
I’d appreciate it if you found time to answer.
Thank you in advance

Mítt svar:
I preached in my livingroom on the 3rd of January 2013 against sodomy-promoting so-called priests in the state-church which calls itself by the name of Luther. (they are actually priests of Baal, and children of the devil!).

I had heard that that danish false prophet, Anne Mette, had held a speech in the Nordic House in Tórshavn promoting socalled same-sex marriage, which is an oxymoron, for no rectum in the world is a sex organ, and no man will ever become a woman, or vice versa, because you can never change all chromosomes in the body. I happened to expound upon Jesus’ words to the church of Thyatira, in the Book of Revelation chapter 2:18-29, where Jesus rebukes the church for tolerating a woman called Jezebel, to teach and seduce his servants to commit adultery etc.. So I compared Anne Mette to Jezebel, and told the church goers in Fuglafjordur to throw her out of the church. As proper manner demands, I read the whole passage, and in the passage Jesus says he will kill her children with death. I did not speak about that whatsoever, but she reported me to the police saying that I had threatened to kill her children. The problem, or a problem is, that she is Danish and does not understand Faroese fully. Well, some lawyers looked into the whole thing for three weeks, listened to my sermon, which I sent them, and the verdict was that I had NOT threatened to kill her children, as also was the opinion of everybody that I talked to who had listened. The “children” in the passage refers to the congregation as a whole, and it was Jesus, not me, who said he would kill them. And I would not make that a literal killing, but primarily a spiritual one, that they would die towards God, which I pointed out to a reporter who came to my house to do an interview that same notorious week.

As usual, the media hauled me through the Via Dolorosa, I was called Hitler and a killer by people on the street, had bottles and burgers thrown at me. But I stood my ground. Alone, but with God and his eternal truth on my side. The story was headline news for almost a whole week, both in TV, radio, and newspapers. Well, I just continued making soundbites, and thousands listened every week, sometimes as many as 4000 a week. So the foul lying media only helped to further the my work, which is to speak the TRUTH to a deceived nation and world. Now I have 3 YouTube channels, and 1/3 million views, all videos except three are in Faroese, and we are only 50.000 people in this country, which means that every person in the country has listened to approximately six of my videos since 2011. Modestly, and honestly, I say that is not bad for a simple village pumpkin.

So now and always I call Anne Mette  by her new and befitting name: Anne-Jeze-Mette-Bel. May she get saved by Jesus, and may the Lutheran church here awaken and repent, turning back to the truth and the reformation Bible, the Faroese King James. I believe only a fraction of it is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, so I pray the church splits in two, and the Lord’s flock separate and follow him to heaven, and the dead religious clowns can continue to hell to be with their master the devil, if that is what they so badly want to do. By their fruits we certainly do know them.


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