Psálmur 83 er Guðs klára propheti um støðuna hjá Ísrael, og mín bøn fyri Ísrael og ímóti øllum tess hatursfullu fíggindum fjar og nær

Ein Songur ella Psálmur av Á´-saph-i.

HALT ikki tú tøgn, O Guð:
halt ikki friði tínum, og ver
ikki stillur, O Guð.
 2  Tí sí, tínir fíggindar gera ein
háva: og teir, sum teg hata,
hava lyft upp høvdið.
 3  Teir hava hildið snúugt ráð
ímóti fólki tínum, og ráðført seg
ímóti hinum fjaldu tínum.
 4  Teir hava sagt, Komið, og
latum okkum skera teir av frá at
ein tjóð; at Ísraels navn má
ei meira vera í minni.
 5  Tí at teir hava ráðført seg
saman einmælt: teir eru í sam-
gongu ímóti tær:
 6  E´-dóm-s tabernakkul˙, og
Ísj-ma-e-lit´-arnir; úr Móab, og
 7  Ge´-bal, og Ammon, og A´-
ma-lek, Philistarnir við íbúgvum
 8  Assur eisini er sameintur við
teir: teir hava holpið Lots børn-
um. Se´-lah.
 9  Ger teimum eins og Mi-di-a-
nit´-unum; sum við Sisera, sum
við Já´-bin, við Kisjons áarløk:
 10  Sum fórust við En´-dor: teir
gjørdust sum tøð til jørðina.
 11  Ger teirra tignarmenn eins
og Ó´-reb, og líka sum Zeeb: ja,
allar teirra prinsar sum Ze´-bah;
og sum Zal-mun´-na:
 12  Sum søgdu, Latum okkum
taka til okkara sjálvs húsini hjá
Guði í ogn.
 13  O Guð mín, ger teir eins og
eitt hjól; sum hálm fyri vindinum.
 14  Eins og eldurin brennur ein
við, og eins og flamman setur eld
í fjøllini;
 15  Soleiðis søk at teimum við
tínum ódnarvindi, og ger teir
bangnar við stormi tínum.
 16  Fyll teirra andlit˙ við skomm;
at teir mega søkja títt navn,
O Harri.
 17  Lat teir verða fjamskaðar
og órógvaðar um ævir; ja, lat teir
verða settar til skammar, og týnast:
 18  At menn mega vita, at tú,
hvørs navn eina er JE-HO´-VAH,
ert hin mest høgi yvir allari jørðini.

What do people expect: war without casualties?
Israel fights honourably: and that you all know!

The civilian Arabs in Gaza and ALL the so-called “palestinians” (who are nothing but Arab nomades who have NEVER had their own peculiar language, currency, religion, capital, gevernment or anything) have COUNTLESS countries they can move to, – where they even speak their own language, Arabic.  They don’t belong in Israel, – so thow them out!.  Let Arabs kill Arabs all they want if they have to, and blow themselves up in the privacy of their own homes, – murderous craziness is all theirs.  It is even in their dispicable religion and their unholy, uninspired Koran; which is nothing but a dispicable attempt to copy the word of God: The Holy Bible.  Put that into your green Arab pipe and smoke it, Mr. Obama.

Religion of peace?
Whom are you trying to kid?  Your African grandmother?

Either all Arabs get saved and soundly converted to true Christianity, or there will be all-out war and we win.  There is no middle ground.  Coexistance will never happen, for JE-HO´-VAH and Allah are not, and I say NOT the same; just and exactly as little as JE-HO´-VAH and Satan ever were or ever could be the same.  They are as much DIRECT OPPOSITES as possible!!
And that you ALL will learn at the great white throne judgment!

The land of Israel belongs to the JEWS forever!

I mean: what would any western country do in the shoes of Israel?
– Much, much, MUCH more!
USA for sure would totally pillage and destroy it’s pretended enemy with a smirky grin on their faces in the name of tolerance and peace and stability and every other slimy lie.
Put that into your Skull&Bones pipe and smoke it, – and go to your own hot place, Mr. Kerry!

The truth is that the west is COWARDING toward that HELLISH, DEVIL’S Islam hellish, killing, hating, hateful, sick religion of death.  So now Arabs are taking the west and will probably attempt to FORCE us to convert to Devil’s ISLAM. That I for one will NEVER do.  Rather they can strike off my head and drop me dead.  Well, good on Israel for not bowing one inch to any of that JIHAD “Allahhu Akhbar” crazy nonsence.  ISRAELS actual strength is in the LORD GOD JE-HO´-VAH.  He is keeping his word, he has brought them home, and he will keep them.  The cowardly weakness of the west is it’s sickening backsliding from our God: The Lord Jesus Christ; with even leaders like yourself, Mr. Kerry, who do rituals to MOLOCH, – which is that old DEVIL himself.  You make me sick, you know that, you make me sick, you sick little lying hypocrite devil you!!!!

Well, I’m still CHRISTIAN and support Israel and their right to THEIR OWN LAND with all of my heart; and if the west was anything near to where they should be, they would be HELPING and SUPPORTING Israel every way possible.  Shame on you infidel cowards for not standing up against Devil’s Islam!

And by the way, let me just say it: To HELL with the pope, that false prophet, that traitor and LIAR in his whitewashed sheep’s clothing, saying, Peace, peace, just before the Jesuits orchestrate another attempt at extincting of the Jews.  He truly is that anti-christ, that man of sin, pretending that he is God.  He is the son of perdition, VICAR OF SATAN, and will most assuredly go to his own place, the same place as Judas Iscariot.  Yes, again I say: To HELL with the pope.

Israel should NEVER have given Gaza away again.  They already won it in battle!.  It is theirs!
Israel should declare that it gives all civilians three days to MOVE out of Gaza, and then bomb the whole place flat to the ground, – Hamas and all, – and then build an Israeli paradise instead of that typical Arab rat-infested dump.

Furthermore: Israel should tell the whole of the Arab world that any Arab city which fires as much as ONE rocket into Israel, will be mercilessly flattened to the ground.  Then the decision of their fate is all theirs!  And then show them that they mean it.  Let’s see who then fires one single rocket into Israel!  Those Arabs will never bow, nor stop, so show them who is boss.   Either we all bow down with our buts up in the air and worship their moon god Allah, or we stand strong and subdue them with all our might.  And tell Kerry to go home and eat Scull&Bones, have dung and piss for deserts, – and invite Obama.

Israel evidently stands alone.  Well, they have at least my blessing to do whatsoever necessary to whomsoever necessary, if needed to protect their own.  They are not, and again I say NOT the agressors; and that you know!.  Not only are Hamas the agressors, but the WHOLE of the Arab world in it’s very core belief and
essence is.  I mean: are you blind?  They are shouting JIHAD in almost every city in Europe and America now!  Islam is NOT a religion of peace, but of murder.  Those who would say that it has anything to do with peace are COWARDS who also have lost their minds, or never had one to begin with.  One thing they are totally without is what one in plain speech would call BALLS.

So here you have the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

GOD JE-HO´-VAH bless Israel today and tomorrow and FOREVER!

– And down to the hottest HELL with ALL COUNTRIES and PEOPLES who hate, condemn and persecute Israel for defending herself, – you antisemitic bunch of devil-farts.  And that even goes for that filthy, devilish, filthy BABYLON of a country which they call the US of A.  You can bless and support Israel like Christian men, or you can be cut off, bombed to smitherines, die and be cast alive into hottest hell forever, you bunch of heathen infidels.

Boy, there is war coming, – and we will win: – TRUE CHRISTIANITY will prevail, for Jesus Christ himself will PERSONALLY come back in the nick of time to save Israel and slay his enemies and sit King in Jerusalem for a millennium, and I with him.  (Then I will personally have you LICK my porch squeaky clean until your tongue bleeds, Mr. Kerry!.)  Then those Arabs will finally learn who is GOD: JESUS CHRIST IS GOD.  Allah and Muhammed have NOTHING whatsoever to do with the true God.  They have NEVER been anything other than PUPPETS OF SATAN; – and so are all of those filthy Poops of Rome too.  And that is what Kerry and Obama are also: servants of the Devil.  They can REPENT in sackcloth and ashes, become true Christians and support Israel, – or they can go to hell in one hot ball of fire.  And you know what?  They won’t repent.  They are TOTALLY in the grip of Satan, even worshiping Moloch in the Bohemian Grove, have built an upside-down pentagram into the streets of Washington above the White House, have the garden around the White House made to look like an occultic OWL in worship of Moloch.  They are serving Satan full blast, and so is Islam for sure; and so is most of this ungodly, God-hating world.  Christianity is the ONLY true religion; Christ is the way, and he will soon come back as the ruling, roaring Lion of Judah.  He will rule this world with a ROD OF IRON.  And he for sure will not carry a koran under his arm, nor endorse that perophile, child-raping, hellish Vatican.  If there is one thing the Arabs could do for God and the good of this world: it is bomb the Vatican to hell, with all the cardinals, jesuits and poop Francis in it.  Well, that will shortly happen. (Read Revelation chapter 17 and 18 KJB)

Revelation 17:11-16:
11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.
12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.
13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.
14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.
15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.
16 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

THAT IS JESUS CHRIST, – not Muhammad, – if you didn’t know it, Mr. Kerry!

The LORD God’s sincerely,

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Onnur tíðindi