Praise God for his word; given to us in kingly English; for no less is fitting for the King of kings, and Lord of lords; yea, may ye even praise his word

The King James Bible is God’s word, and the Cambridge text is the pure text.

If you listen to modern scholarship (James White etc.), then I’m totally wrong. But if you listen to true scholarship from the time of the reformation, then I’m the remnant of those who are not deceived by the COUNTER REFORMATION OF THE JESUITS OF ROME!.

It is well known that there are TWO bible texts, both for the Old and the New Testament. For the O.T. it is either the Mazoretic text (where the edition of Jacob ben Chayyim of 1524-25 is the correct one), – or it’s the Stuttgart Biblica Hebraica by Rudolph Kittel (the father of Joseph Kittel, Hitler’s propaganda high priest). For the N.T. it is either the Textus Receptus (where the edition of Beza from 1595 is the best), – or it’s the Nestle critical text, which is based on three EXTREMELY CORRUPT manuscripts of the Alexandrian text-type: Alexandrinus, Sinaiticus, and Vaticanus, which disagree amongst themselves in 3500 places in the Gospels alone!. The King James Holy Bible, God’s gift, stands on the right base in both testaments, and is furthermore fine-polished using ancient reliable translations of the right text-type.

Now, let me give you to know, that mainstream scholarship since 1881 has taken it’s stand on the WRONG texts in both testaments. Even the so-called “New King James” is a deceptive piece of trash, since it departs from the King James in 1200 important places in the N.T. alone, following the critical text in those places, – while deliberately following the King James in places where it was profitable for them to deceive King James bible believers to side with them, and depart from the King James. But these modern bible perVersions never stay in place, they are always moving and changing like a chameleon, about as stable and reliable as the worst quick-sands in the devil’s Egypt. James White is a BLIND scholar, working for the devil, (but doing so in Jesus’ name), while repeating the serpent’s words: Yea, hath God said?. I can’t think of anything more blasphemous that a person could do. We King James Bible believers, God’s remnant, will continue to stand on the rock of God’s word and words, while the Laodicæan church age in which we find ourselves, (but are NOT part of), goes sliding on a slimy green slidingboard into the arms of the fiery dragon in the Vatican, where they will be massacred if they don’t convert to worshippers of the “queen of heaven” (Semiramis) which they call “Mary” (which is NOT the Mary of the Bible!). We reject the whole pompous circus, and continue to worship the Lord Jesus Christ – God come in the flesh – of the Holy Bible. May God grant many repentance to do the same, and to thee, In Jesus’ name; A’-men. So, no, I’m not wrong. I’m right. And I KNOW I’m right. And now you do too. So now you are without excuse. (And I didn’t bash or trash; – I JUST TOLD YOU THE TRUTH.)

Where the word of a king is, there is power
(Ecclesiastes 8:4)

He sheweth his word unto Jacob.
(Psalm 147:19).


This he has done in three stages, unto three Jacobs:

1: The decendants of Jacob, who became the nation of Israel.

2: Jacob ben Chayyin, God’s editor of the mazoretic text, from which we got our beloved English Bible, the AV.

3: King James. James comes from the Latin Jacomus, which comes from the Greek N.T. form Jacobus, which comes from Hebrew Jacov.

Praise God for his word; given to us in kingly English. Nothing less would be fitting for the King of kings


(Praise his word, proof>)


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