NOT-King-James-Version (NKJV) mótsatt King James Bíbliuna

Ávaring: Hesin lærir falslæruna EIFAF (einaferð frelstur, altíð frelstur)

The King James Bible is God’s ONE standard authority for Bible truth for all the world to read from 1611 to the end of time. No scholars nor lexicons needed. The KJB stands on the correct pure texts in both testaments, and settles all difficult, questionable passages once and for all. That is the position of us sound Bible believers. Standard time is Greenwich time, standard location has London as the zero line, and standard truth is the ENGLISH REFORMATION BIBLE of 1611. Take it or leave it. It is God’s gift to me, and should be also to you. Otherwise go eat Egyptian sandy wannabe bibles from the Vatican, which are no authority at all, but rather are breaking down and lowering in authority as time passes. The King James, God’s BOOK, stands forever. It is the monarch of the books. It is God’s Book. It is THE Bible. No ONE editon of ANY Greek is THE Bible. They are A Bible. Take it or leave it.

“The Greek, the Greek, the Greek ..!”
Which Greek? There are at least 24!!. The King James Bible is an eclectic text, made not just from one T.R. edition, but it is a combination of Erasmus, Stephens, and Beza. We trust God, that he has preserved all his pure words and correct readings and given them to us in his pure Bible, the AV. Furthermore it is fine-tuned by comparing with ancient versions, which were made in the first century from the originals (for sure). The King James Bible is the authority, not 24 conflicting Greek versions.

The 47—54 King James translators had perfect knowledge of Greek to give us the correct tense in English. I do not correct the Bible with lexicons and modern interlinears, which are (almost totally) all done by men of the Alexandrian school of thought. On the contrary, I correct every lexicon and every version of Greek and every so-called bible version with God’s holy word, the King James Bible.


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