Jesus Christus sjálvur ALEINAUR er grundvøllurin. “Kirkjan” er púrt og aldeilis EINKIÐ í sjálvari sær. Hon fer til helvitis uttan sanna trúgv á Christ. Pávin er vikarur SATANS!!!

Hvat er hetta fyri devulsins pávarí, sum er við at spøkja fram?
Kenneth Dopeland sleikti pávanum í síðstu viku,
og Úlvurin Ekman gjørdist cat-holikkur í gjár.
Viðmerkingar til innslag á YouTube um, at Úlvurin Ekman vísir sínar sonnu litir: hann er ein Cat-holic 666:
Wolf Ekman, Kenneth Dopeland, Pat Robber-son, Penny Hinn, Billy-the-kid-Graham all licking the filthy boots of that stinking anti-christ poop of Rome. The apostasy is truly upon us. Well, that poop of Rome is getting ready to unleash the Roman Catholic Whore’s last inquisition upon those who still refuse to come under her stinking, bloody, abominable, idolatrous whorish arms. I for one am ready to have my head chopped off by that bloody, stinking, filthy Whore “church”. I wash my hands off Wolf Ekman. He is now in the hands of his father the Devil. He has just denounced the true Jesus Christ. The poop of Rome has been called always VICARIUS FILII DEI (“the vicar of Christ”), when you add up the numerical value of these letters in Latin they make 666. Wolf Ekman propably was himself an anti-christ all along. Those killer jesuits are doing a good job for Satan, infiltrating naive protestants. Going under the church of anti-christ makes evident what spirit he had, and Billy the kid Graham denounced that Jesus Christ is THE ONLY WAY to heaven and so did that arch heretic smiley Joe Zoosteen. I now ONLY trust my KING JAMES BIBLE and my Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. God have mercy on the poor sheep who follow Wolf Ekman to Rome and to the eternal fires of hell. You can say I’m harsh, but this is the unadulterated TRUTH of the matter. We have had wolves for pastors these last 50 years. David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill are about the ONLY preachers I trust and listen to. Filthy prosperity pimps is what almost all American hireling pastors are, and those whom they have made: twice the children of hell. The pope goes to hell for sure, HE IS THE SON OF PERDITION and the greatest blasphemer on earth to even call himself vicar of Christ, when that statement makes him the vicar of Satan.Yeah, deal with it and wake up to reality, you blind, poor sheep!
Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened. (Zechariah 11:17 KJB)
Trust the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and you are a living stone in the true Church of God; … trust the Church, the Poop of Rome, her made up sacraments, and all her doctrines of Devils and you are a twofold child of the Devil on your way to the eternal flames of hell, and I don’t mean “purgatory”.
MARTIN LUTHER IS IN HEAVEN, THE POOPS HAVE ALL GONE TO THEIR OWN PLACE HELL TO BE WITH THEIR MASTER THE DEVIL, and I don’t mean “purgatory”. And they are all worth every sizzle on the Devil’s frying pans, for they are ALL the vicars of Judas, and their god is mammon and their father is the Devil and for saying that they would ALL gladly kill me for they truly ARE children of their father the Devil, who was a murderer and a lyar from the beginning and abode not in the truth, and that too must be said of Wolf Ekman. You people can stand and sing till you go blue in the face, but unless you wake up to our true protestant heritage of TRUE BIBLICAL PROTESTANT DOCTRINE, you will probably all wind up in hell with the poop of Rome, Wolf Ekman and all their bloody jesuit killer mob, who have murdered every American president who truly was a Christian, for instance Abraham Lincoln. Read “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop and “Fifty years in the “Church” of Rome” by Charles Chiniquay, a former Roman Catholic “priest” who exposed that filthy synagogue of Satan for what it is.
And yes, I’m actually LOVING you by telling you all this and am probably endangering my life, but my life truly is Jesus Christ anyways, so just give it your best shot, I’m all ready to go.
Of the seven so-called “sacraments” of that filthy bloody Catholic Whore, there are only two which can be found in the King James Holy Bible: The Lord’s supper and water baptism. God’s word does NOT call them by that irreligious blasphemous name “sacraments”, but simply ORDINANCES, as seen in I. Corinthians 11:2, in which chapter Paul recites these ordinances that he had taught the Corinthians, finally coming to the Lord’s table from verse 23 and onwards. Trust in those blasphemous erroneous Cat-holic “sacraments” does NOT save a single person, but damns every one who trusts them to an eternity in hell.
Repent, you swine and beast!
Wolf in sheep’s clothing Ekman is a deceiver which now has showed us his true colours: Purple and scarlet, decked with gold and precious stones, drawing people to the anti-christ poop of Rome, ready to be judged by God.
True born-again Christians ARE one! That is not something we have to strive for. We are one in the Spirit, which is the glory which Jesus received from his Father and gave to us.
Wolf in sheep’s clothing Ekman is herceforth NOT in the Spirit of Christ, but in the spirit of this world, in the spirit of that anti-christ, that man of Sin, that Wicked, whom Jesus Christ shall consume with the brightness of his coming. Well, he shall consume that Wolf Ekman too, that slimy deceiver.
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