God has preserved and purified his pure words; they are now in the AV, God keeps his promise and does not lie

As I have understood, the King James translators based their work initially on all the editions of the TR, but thereafter they also for safety’s sake finetuned the finished translation by comparing it to multiple pure ancient translations from the TR, (and other pure vernacular Bibles), such as the Syrian peshita, the old Latin, the Gothic, the Armenian, the Georgian, the Itala etc. The Bible believer believes God guided them in this, and that the King James Bible is God’s final seven times purified Bible, the supreme authority, superior to any single Greek edition ever found or ever published. Greek scholarship therefore now is obsolete; what a blessing, the Bible believer now only needs a pure King James Bible, read, memorize, and obey it.

Even though God gave his NT words in Greek, and he promised to preserve them, and therefore has done so, there is no hindrance to his having preserved some of his words in other reliable versions. Otherwise all the burden of preservation would lie entirely on the Greek church, which, like the Roman church, also fell into sacramental heresy. There is nothing magical about the Greek language. English is much richer in nuances of vocabulary than both Hebrew and Greek. English has 500.000 words, whereas most other languages range between 50.000 to 150.000 words.

The fact remains: We now have God’s pure inspired preserved and purified words in English. There is no book in the world, Hebrew, Greek, or any other, higher than the King James Bible. Praise God. Rather than deny God’s words he gave to me in English, I will let the pope’s minions strike off my head.

No matter which edition of language original, or Bible vernacular, you compare to the King James, the said is better and superior to it in detail and in whole, for in it is no hole, for it is separate from the devil’s hellhole – the Vatican and Alexandria. Therefore we say unhesitant: We judge all other by it, and confess that it is even the word of God forever settled in heaven. Amen. Case closed. Total faith. To the devil’s scribes and scholars we turn our rear end, render unto them due stink, and follow only Christ, obeying from the heart his word.

This is the confession of my faith in the preserved word and words of God, the King James Bible. To this thou mayest say what thou thinkest, it hath none of my interest. With God and his word, my faith forever is steadfast, and Christ the only mediator betwixt God and myself.

Sjúrður Højgaard, translator of the AV into Faroese.

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