Four reasons why the King James Bible is the word of God

The King James Bible is the real Bible for at least these four reasons:

1: Historically
It is of the text-type which true born again Christians have used for far most of the last 2000 years, and for which many were even willing to die.
2: Geographically
It is traced back to the best places: Antioch in Syria, and Byzantium in Greece; (not Alexandria in Egypt – like all modern bibles). The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch (Acts 11:26).
3: Biblically
Psalm 12:6-7 states (only in the King James Bible) that God promises to preserve his WORDS from this generation forever, and in Matthew 24:35 Jesus says that his WORDS shall not pass away. So God’s very WORDS are all preserved somewhere, and I do believe that God in his sovereignty has put them all in one Book in the worldwide language of the endtimes: English; and that we do not need scholars to intermediate God’s word for us. Many contradicting versions, like what we have today, is not like God at all to do, for God is not the author of confusion (I. Cor. 14:33)
4: Spiritually
The King James Bible sounds and feels HOLY and PURE and RIGHT spiritually to any born again person. Also, it feeds the Christian spiritually better than any of the modern bibles. This is and has been the testimony of countless people all over the world.
It is so wonderful to KNOW that you HAVE the very word and the very words of God, without error. You read and believe only ONE book, and it settles all issues. It judges you, and you do not judge it. This is the case only with the very many who believe and use only the King James Bible. It is the rock. This is indisputable. I say this from experience. I also stood in a cesspool of using very many bible versions when reading the Bible, – TEN in fact. Then I realised that God only has one Bible, and I was liberated. This is my testimony. I am not interested in hearing anybody’s opinion on the matter. You can hold it in. I tell you I was liberated when I came to see that God off course has in his omnipotence preserved all his inspired words in one Bible, and that Bible is the King James, – in English, the world language right from the reformation (the liberation from the Whore Church) and right into the millennium.

I can only pray for James White that God opens his eyes and forgives him his blasphemy.


Isn’t it strange that no group of people ever say that forinstance the NIV or the NASB is the very perfectly preserved word of God without error. This is only the case with those who steadfstly hold to the King James Bible. And also that all the versions measure themselves by the real one, the King James, but somehow do not measure up to it. We believers in the King James Holy Bible know why. May God show this to you also, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let me also call to your attention the fact that there has been found to be ENCRYPTED a vast series of codes and prophecies in the King James Bible. Look into this fact from the work of among others Mike Hoggard. Needless to say, this is not at all so when you look into the miry cesspool of the 300 bible versions of the Egyptian text-type, published since 1881. The King James is the right text in both testaments, from reliable places geographically, with a vast amount of manuscripts (5700), with tremendous agreement among them, and also agreeing with anscient translations. This has long since been proved and verified. Go and read The Revision Revised by Dean Burgeon and please stop blaspheming God’s holy word. He has lifted it even above his name you know. And you are most likely doing tremendous damage to the kingdom of God.


The King James Bible is the very inspired and preserved word of God, and I believe every Christian knows that in their heart of hearts, until they are enticed to think differently by scholars. I can testify, even living in a non-English speaking part of the world, that the Holy Ghost bears witness to this fact in my blood-washed heart.

In my mynd, animosity toward the King James Bible is animosity toward God himself.

… let us not fight against God (Acts 23:99).

This is my belief about the Bible: that I have it now, in a language you and I can read, and I do not at all need Greek and Hebrew, for God has perfectly and supernaturally preserved and overseen a perfect translation (and or transmission) once and for all of his word and his words into a language almost everybody on the earth can read who will but learn English.

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